Naba Iftikhar

Naba Iftikhar

Naba Iftikhar

Feb 2, 2023

Feb 2, 2023

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5 min


A Complete Guide to AI Transcription and How It’s Better than Humans

Gone are the days when you would empty pens and scribble on pages for hours in hopes of writing notes and lectures for you to recall later. The world has changed, and many people have picked a better option to operate Artificial intelligence than you think. You no longer need to write a single word because AI transcription has taken the world by storm with its unique ability to transcribe every word and record it for later use. 

When it started, and what’s AI Transcription? 

AI transcription started in the mid-1950s but got recognition in the late 1980s. We now have a different meaning for transcribing machines, AKA AI transcriptions. Many aspects of modern life are powered by automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. Voice-activated keyboards, automated phone calls to customer service, and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa use ASR. Compared to 1980, AI transcribing is substantially faster and has a strong hold on people and target audiences. 

As the name implies, AI transcription turns spoken words into text using AI technology. Manual note-taking is no longer necessary. Instead, you can "hire" transcription software to hear conversations or audio or video recordings and convert them into texts without difficulty. If you don’t believe it, since the pandemic scattered the face of Planet Earth, more than 65% of people still enjoy working from home and using AI transcription services for all their online meetings. 

65% of people still enjoy working from home and using AI transcription services

Many AI transcription software is gimmicks and doesn’t provide much value. It is wise to take the time to do some research before choosing AI transcription services. Look into the reputation, data breach history, and privacy policies of the service provider you buy from, and you'll find the solution using all this information.

Best AI transcription service to use

To choose the best AI transcriber tool that gives you bang for your buck, we have, an AI assistant for your online meetings, lectures, long, endless debates on legal issues, and everything that requires you to take notes. 

If you are wondering, “how does transcription work?" then this transcribe machine aims to empower superheroes to unleash their creativity and manage meetings easily by using our compelling platform, never-ending support staff, and modern superpowers. Their AI technology turns online sessions into smartly transcribed notes and transforms them into action items. 

The following are features

1. Real-Time Transcription Superpower

With this feature, you can capture AI meeting notes, record conversations during and after sessions, and organize your transcriptions in one location for maximum efficiency.

Real-Time Transcription Superpower

2. Action Items

It’s finally time to meet deadlines and assign tasks correctly and consistently. You can simply click on any part of the meeting transcription to live edit, highlight, or mark for follow-up.

Action Items

3. AI Summary

Gosh, we know that summarizing is the worst job ever! But automatically extracts insights and relevant conversation pieces with AI's help.

AI Summary

10 Reasons why AI transcription is better than Human labor: 

1. AI is more efficient and productive than human labor.

2. AI software does not require breaks or vacations, allowing constant and consistent productivity.

3. It does not require training, supervision, or motivation, resulting in lower labor costs.

4. It can handle repetitive tasks without error or loss of interest, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

5. Can work 24/7 without needing rest, leading to increased productivity and output.

Human VS AI

6. AI can handle complex, high-level tasks that may be beyond the capabilities of human workers.

7. This modern technology is not subject to human workers' physical or mental limitations, such as fatigue or illness.

8. AI can adapt and learn quickly, allowing for continuous improvement and innovation.

9. It is not subject to human emotions, biases, or prejudices, leading to more objective and fair decision-making.

10. AI can provide valuable insights and data analysis to improve business processes and decision-making.


AI transcription has eliminated all the gaps between technology and human efforts. The best part is that you can now trust, train and let AI control all it offers. 

With autonomous vehicles, getting food delivered through drones, and real-life terminators, modern life resembles science fiction more than reality. We have watched many movies where the Machines have beaten the human race, and it all looked scary. Still, the futuristic depictions of Hollywood's large screens have influenced some digital aids in our daily lives, and they have worked in our favor with the birth of AI transcription.