May 2023 Updates



May 30, 2023

May 30, 2023 May 2023 Updates May 2023 Updates May 2023 Updates

We are constantly working on improving our product. In May, we made several updates.

  1. Call time stamps in the Google Meet widget:
    Now you can track your conversations in the widget more efficiently.

  2. Capability to add unpaid users to your Workspace.
    To add unpaid users:

    a. Go to the application, click on Settings, and then Account in the top menu bar.

    b. Enter the email address of a person in the "Email invitation" and click on it in a drop-down to confirm.

    c. By default the person will be added as a Member. Click on the "Member" next to the email and choose Lite in the drop-down.

    You can change the user's status after adding them as well. Just click on the Member/Lite next to their email and pick the necessary option.

  3. Search in your conversations
    We minimized the search time and removed the case limitations. Finding necessary information in your conversations have become easier.

    To use this feature, open any of the conversations you have in and enter the keyword in the Search field: will show you every dialogue where this word appears and highlight it in the sentence.

  4. Onboarding
    Onboarding now has more information on the application to help our users adopt faster and more easily.

    You can reset the onboarding in the Account tab of the Settings:

    You will see new onboarding tips as you open different sections of the application.