How and
Gmail Integration Works

How and
Gmail Integration Works

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Management offers seamless integration with Gmail, allowing you to effortlessly create meeting follow-ups and share meeting summaries with just a few clicks. Our application automatically syncs with your Gmail account upon sign-up, streamlining the integration process for enhanced convenience.

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Sending meeting-related content in Gmail

Utilizing the highlights you've captured during and after the call, intelligently composes a follow-up email containing a meeting summary. Additionally, it automatically includes all call participants as recipients of the email, ensuring comprehensive communication.

To send the summary, go to Summary tab and click Share Summary.
Choose the option Open in Gmail. You'll seamlessly transition to your Gmail page, where you can further customize and refine your email according to your preferences.

Setting a primary workspace is important as all your conversation transcriptions will be stored there. If you need to store certain conversations in the workspace that is not your primary, you need to change the settings.

Important: For users on Pro plan, primary workspace is assigned by default. It's the paid workspace on your account.

Keep in mind that you need to change your primary workspace before the meeting that you want to store in another workspace. To assign a primary workspace, follow these steps:

1. As you sign in to the application, the primary workspace will open by default. In the left menu panel, click on your current workspace name. In the drop-down list, select the workspace that you want to make primary:

Gmail integration

Benefits of Noty and Gmail integration

The integration of Noty with Gmail offers a host of benefits designed to streamline communication and enhance productivity:

  • Effortless Follow-Up Creation: With Noty's Gmail integration, users can effortlessly create follow-up emails with just a few clicks directly within the Noty application. This saves valuable time and reduces the need for manual email composition.

  • Automatic Email Recipients: Noty automatically includes all call participants as recipients of the follow-up email, ensuring that everyone stays informed and aligned after the meeting or call.

  • Utilization of Call Highlights: Noty intelligently utilizes the highlights captured during and after the call to compose the follow-up email, providing a concise summary of key points discussed and action items identified.

  • Seamless Transition to Gmail: After creating the follow-up within Noty, users are seamlessly redirected to their Gmail interface, where they can further customize the email content and add any additional details or attachments.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: The integration fosters seamless collaboration among team members by facilitating efficient communication and follow-up after meetings, ensuring that important discussions and decisions are documented and acted upon promptly.

Overall, the integration of Noty with Gmail enhances communication, collaboration, and productivity, empowering users to effectively follow up on meetings and calls while ensuring that important information is documented and shared with all stakeholders.

Keep in mind that the number of conversations stored in your Workspace depends on your subscription. Make sure to upgrade your plan to retain access to your conversations and work seamlessly with your team.


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Robert Schmidt

Saves me 20 minutes after each Zoom meeting!

Since integrating with our Zoom meetings, the post-meeting workload has reduced significantly. The AI-generated summaries capture every essential detail, making follow-ups a breeze!

Robert T., Project Manager

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