What Is Google Meet Integration with Noty

What Is Google Meet Integration with Noty

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Google Meet integration with Noty.ai enhances your meeting experience by seamlessly integrating note-taking and summarization capabilities directly into your video conferences. Here's how it works.

Activating Google Meet integration

To gain access to real-time meeting transcriptions, highlights and summaries, go to the Integration tab and then choose Google Meet section:

Setting a primary workspace is important as all your conversation transcriptions will be stored there. If you need to store certain conversations in the workspace that is not your primary, you need to change the settings.

Important: For users on Pro plan, primary workspace is assigned by default. It's the paid workspace on your account.

Keep in mind that you need to change your primary workspace before the meeting that you want to store in another workspace. To assign a primary workspace, follow these steps:

1. As you sign in to the Noty.ai application, the primary workspace will open by default. In the left menu panel, click on your current workspace name. In the drop-down list, select the workspace that you want to make primary:

Google Meet integration

Keeping Google Meet integration always on

Make sure to switch the toggle in the Integrations tab and enable Google Meet integration. By keeping this integration active, you can ensure that all future calls are recorded and all summaries, to-do lists and other call-related content pieces are generated and attached to the right meetings.

Real-time Transcription

Noty.ai transcribes the audio from your Google Meet sessions in real-time, capturing the conversation as it happens. This ensures that every word and detail is accurately documented, even in fast-paced discussions.

To set the default transcription language, choose the one from the dropdown list:

Google Meet integration
Google Meet integration

Learn more about setting Google Meet meeting language and Google Meet caption language.

Automatic Summarization

After the meeting concludes, Noty.ai automatically sends you a meeting recap of the key discussion points, action items, decisions made, and any other important details discussed during the Google Meet. This summary provides a convenient recap for all participants, saving time and ensuring alignment.

Learn more about meeting recaps.

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Saves me 20 minutes after each Zoom meeting!

Since integrating Noty.ai with our Zoom meetings, the post-meeting workload has reduced significantly. The AI-generated summaries capture every essential detail, making follow-ups a breeze!

Robert T., Project Manager

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