How to Set Up Noty Account

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How to Set Up Noty Account

Setting up a account is easy. It requires just a few simple steps.

1. Enable critical integrations

For to operate properly, it needs to integrate with several applications. Learn how to integrate them with

2. Create and configure your Workspace Workspace is your virtual office for meetings. Here you can find your meeting transcriptions, calendar of your meetings, options to share transcripts with your team, create to-do lists, summaries and follow-ups. You can several create Workspaces and join the Workspaces of other people. 

Inside your Workspace you can do the following (and much more!):

3. Choose a plan that fits your productivity needs provides unlimited call transcription services to all users. However, for an enhanced meeting experience and to unlock additional features, explore our range of subscription plans tailored to suit varying needs and preferences. Discover how our diverse plans can optimize your meetings and streamline your workflow.

Setting a primary workspace is important as all your conversation transcriptions will be stored there. If you need to store certain conversations in the workspace that is not your primary, you need to change the settings.

Important: For users on Pro plan, primary workspace is assigned by default. It's the paid workspace on your account.

Keep in mind that you need to change your primary workspace before the meeting that you want to store in another workspace. To assign a primary workspace, follow these steps:

1. As you sign in to the application, the primary workspace will open by default. In the left menu panel, click on your current workspace name. In the drop-down list, select the workspace that you want to make primary:

On the left-hand panel, you can access Settings.

how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace

There, you can access your Folders (both private and shared) and a button to create a new Folder. You can edit them, the members that belong to them as well as delete folders.

The primary workspace will be marked with a special icon in the Workspace tab:

how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace

Within the conversation section of the Workspace main page, you'll find a list of conversations with the following details:

- The meeting's name as stated in Google Calendar (modifiable at any time).

- Date and time of the conversation.

- The folder where the conversation is stored (in Pro plan, by default, conversations are assigned to the Primary folder).

You will also find the following useful features to make the most out of your conversations:

  • A calendar with upcoming meetings, powered by the Google Calendar integration with Noty

  • An option to change the Workspace layout

  • A link to the referral program

  • Integrations, billing, and settings

Exploring the Conversation page

Each conversation page consists of three sections:

  • Left-side panel (same as the Workspace)

  • The main section with the call transcript and AI-generated call summary

  • Middle part with the To-Do List.

The upper panel of the middle side contains:

  • Name of the meeting (as stated in Google Calendar)

  • The date and time of the call

  • The folder in which the conversation is stored (or Unclassified if there's no assigned folder)

  • The avatars of the meeting participants (hover to see their names)

The upper panel of the left section contains the buttons or icons allowing you to:

  • Share conversation with other people

  • Export the transcript to Google Docs

  • Delete the conversation

how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace
how to set primary workspace

Keep in mind that the number of conversations stored in your Workspace depends on your subscription. Make sure to upgrade your plan to retain access to your conversations and work seamlessly with your team.


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