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Unlimited Real Time Transcriptions

Noty.ai performs real-time Google Meet transcription. This article describes the transcription process, the technologies, the accuracy, and the main related functionality.

General information

Google Meet transcription offers several benefits that can enhance communication, collaboration, and accessibility during virtual meetings. Transcriptions provide a written record of meeting discussions, making it easier for participants to follow along, understand complex topics, and reference key points discussed during the meeting.

Real-Time Meeting Transcription Technology

Online meeting transcription technology utilizes speech recognition algorithms to analyze audio input from virtual meetings. The algorithms convert speech into text, generating a transcript that reflects the spoken content. Noty.ai offers real-time transcription, while some other platforms provide transcripts after the meeting concludes.

Is Online Meeting Transcription Technology Accurate?

The accuracy of online meeting transcription technology depends on various factors, including the quality of audio input, background noise, speaker accents, and the capabilities of the transcription algorithm. Users should be aware of these limitations and consider them when evaluating the suitability of transcription technology for their needs.
Important: Any transcription technology may produce errors that require manual correction or clarification.

Who Uses Google Meet Transcriptions

For participants unable to attend the meeting in real-time, Google Meet transcriptions offer a way to catch up on missed discussions and stay informed about decisions and action items that were addressed during the meeting.
Google Meet transcriptions can also benefit participants who are deaf or hard of hearing by providing a text-based representation of spoken content. Additionally, participants who speak different languages or have accents may find it easier to understand meeting discussions with the support of transcriptions.

Using Google Meet Transcriptions

Transcriptions of chats and meetings serve as a valuable documentation tool, allowing participants to review meeting content at their own pace and ensuring that important information is captured accurately for future reference.

Security of Meeting Transcriptions

In certain industries or organizations, maintaining detailed records of meeting discussions may be necessary for compliance with regulatory requirements or legal purposes. Transcriptions provide a comprehensive record of meeting content that can be used to meet these obligations.

Important Notes about Noty Meeting Transcriptions

  • Real-time transcription is a basic feature of Noty.ai.

  • There are no limitations on the duration of meetings - Noty transcribes all your calls, meetings and chats, except when you turn the transcription off.

  • The transcription feature is free for all users regardless of their subscription plans.


How Noty.ai real-time transcription works

Noty.ai works as a widget during Google Meet calls. You can see the process of transcription in real time in the widget or in our application. Noty.ai captures the speech of each call participant separately. As a result, you have a detailed conversation with phrases correctly assigned to each member. The app identifies the Google Meet names of the participants for the transcript. To offer you real-time Google Meet transcriptions, Noty.ai uses Google Speech-to-Text technology. The tested accuracy is 95% which is higher than that offered by human transcribers.

Legal Disclaimer

Noty does not store or retain spoken content of your online meetings.


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Since integrating Noty.ai with our Zoom meetings, the post-meeting workload has reduced significantly. The AI-generated summaries capture every essential detail, making follow-ups a breeze!

Robert T., Project Manager

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